How to Maximise & Redistribute your Blog Content


Building a professional blog is an essential step in building your brand. It's useful for SEO and inbound marketing, engaging new and returning customers, and filling out your sitemap with useful information. But it doesn't have to stop there — once you post a great blog, the content isn't used up, it's just the beginning. Redistributing blog content is your opportunity to turn your best content into fuel for marketing campaigns and breathe new life into hit content that's initial posting date is fading into the past.

Not only will you be able to use your in-depth blog content as a well of resources for things like social media and video marketing; you will also have a great blog to link to for viewers who want more after a taste of the repurposed work. Redistributing your blogs provides greater visibility, improved SEO, and enhanced engagement across the board. Here's how to do it.

Examples of Ways to Redistribute Your Blog Content


Turn Blogs into Social Media Content

Blogs are a great source of social media content. Every clever turn of phrase or interesting concept can become a short, sweet hook for a social media post. With creativity, you can turn a blog post into a series of social media content, but there are two leading methods that are quick, easy, and effective. The first is using snippets from the blog post as your social media post. The second is turning your best blog quotes and concepts into graphics.

Create Infographics from Blog Posts

Informational blogs - especially blogs with detailed instructions, explanations, or research, make excellent infographics. Get your graphic designers to put together an eye-catching chart, a clarifying illustration, or even an animated diagram. Infographics can be used as standalone content, graphics for social media, animated for videos, or used to reuse your best informational content for a fresh new blog.

Build Blog Posts Into Video Content

Your strategy for repurposing blog content into videos depends on the nature of the blog. An explanatory blog that explores a number of concepts can be made into a video that summarises these key points. You can use graphics or a personable host to outline your blog's best sections.

For blogs that provide how-to's and technical guides, create tutorial videos, which are extremely popular both with current and future customers who appreciate live demonstrations of products, processes, and solutions.

Rewrite Blogs Into Email Newsletters

Newsletters provide interesting information to engaged subscribers. A great blog can be used as the basis for a great informational newsletter or repurposed into a series of email newsletters if you provide more short-form updates and tidbits for your newsletter readers. Depending on the style of your newsletter and blog, successful blogs can show you what your newsletter readers will be interested in reading.

3 Steps to Redistribute your Blog Content


1. Plan Ahead

First, identify which blogs have the potential for redistribution opportunities. Choose blogs that share useful information, bite-sized points, and articles that were popular a few months/years ago and the content is still good. Identify which blogs would make great social media seeds, infographics, or the basis for videos. Don't forget your seasonal and trending topics.

2. Target Your Audience

Know your audience. The right repdistribution strategy will depend on what your audience enjoys. A DIY enthusiast audience might love tutorial videos and infographics the most, while a trend-setting audience might prefer that you shape interesting blogs into new hashtag-relevant social media blurbs. Target your audience's preferences and interests, using quotes and graphics that they will like best.

3. Tailor to Each Platform

Lastly, be sure to prepare your redistribution content for the new target platform. Each social media site, for example, favours different aspect ratios for images, best-performing video lengths, and ways that content can be presented together. Match the new content to the format of the target platform so that you have the best chance of making a splash.

Your Blog is a Well of Content

A content redistribution strategy is one of the best things you can do for your marketing team. A lot of good work goes into blogs, which inevitably lose their recent-date relevance over time. The ability to redistribute your blog content into fresh new media can make your content go further, boosting your visibility and your audience engagement by transforming blog articles into social media posts, videos, and eye-catching graphics. Having a well-defined content repurposing strategy in place will help you maximise the benefits of repurposing content.

Of course, it's not always clear what the best way to redistribute your great blog content is, or what the ideal format for each platform is, especially when there are so many options. For professional insights and guidance around your content, book a meeting with our Chief of Marketing, Alex Mackrill. 





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