7 Exciting HubSpot Updates From INBOUND 2021

7 Exciting HubSpot Updates From INBOUND 2021

From famous guest speakers like Oprah, Hasan Minhaj and Spike Lee, to sitting down with HubSpot Co-Founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, and HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan, INBOUND 2021 inspired us and introduced us to some exciting upcoming features that HubSpot users have been asking for.

With this year’s INBOUND being more focused on understanding the customer and how businesses need to embrace this change, HubSpot’s new updates were around improving their fully-customisable CRM to give customers a good experience. In this blog, we take you through the 7 most exciting HubSpot updates from INBOUND 2021 and how they will support your business.

7 Exciting Updates From INBOUND 2021

1. Business Units

One of the big updates to come out of INBOUND 2021 was the introduction of business units. It’s something that many of our customers have been pushing for, and this helps them easily manage their assets, contacts, and settings across multiple brands within their HubSpot portal.

With multiple brands to manage, business units allow you to build a customer-branded experience, and report on the performance of the entire business or each separate brand. This update is perfect if you’re looking to manage one brand at a time under one account, or if you’re wanting to separate your email subscription preferences from each of your brands.

2. New Admin Tools

You’ve spoken and HubSpot have answered, with all new admin tools! HubSpot understood the limitations users have been experiencing, and now your business admins can track all the moving parts and activities within your HubSpot account.

Say goodbye to manual mundane work, as now you can export a complete list of users and their permissions, to save you stress and time sorting out your portals. Reviewing a list of recommended permissions for each role every time a new user is added to a HubSpot account eliminates the constant back and forth of granting permissions for your team.

3. Sandboxes

If you’ve been looking for ways to customise your CRM platform to deliver a good customer experience, the introduction of sandbox does just that. This update gives you a dedicated space to conduct new experiments within your HubSpot portal without it affecting your existing user and customer data. Using sandboxes can save you heaps of time, and optimise your CRM for a best in-class experience for your customers.

From marketing automations to sales processes, we do it all - so that you don’t have to bear the grunt work. We’ll help you get set up with HubSpot, and with these exciting updates, we can take your business to the next level. So get in touch with us today!


4. CMS Hub Starter

A CMS hub that’s powered by a CRM lets you create a customer-centric experience for your customers, and with CMS Hub Starter, it’s incredibly easy to build and scale a website. Disparate data systems can slow down your business growth and leave room for error, but CMS Hub allows you to build a customer experience that gears you up for success from the get-go.

5. Custom Portal Tool in Service Hub

You get to showcase more transparency and trust between your service reps and your customers thanks to the all new customer portal tool in HubSpot’s Service Hub. With over 40 supported languages and the option of a custom domain, your customers have more control over their personalised experience with your brand.

6. Operations Hub Enterprise

Operations Hub Enterprise lets your data team use pre-selected fields and calculations to filter any reusable tables for your HubSpot users. With the help of business intelligence (BI), you’ll have easier down-the-channel reporting, and gather powerful insight to improve your consistency. This new update allows you to bring together all your data from disconnected systems, even if it’s not in HubSpot, for better reporting functionality.

7. Custom Surveys

HubSpot believes that customers are complex and their feedback should also be treated as such, but creating one doesn’t have to be. Custom surveys are a fantastic way to capture your customers feedback, and analyse it to understand your customers. The unlimited number of questions and diverse question types are easily shareable and helps you check to see if your customers are happy.


HubSpots’ rollout of these updates show their commitment towards always improving their CRM to the best it can be - and we’re looking forward to another batch of updates from them at INBOUND 2022. We’re the number one HubSpot agency in APAC, so take it from us when we say that these new updates will make your lives so much easier, and improve your customer experience.

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