Digital Transformation – Success Story: World Solar

“Romi and the Hype & Dexter team have made our lives so much easier by helping us implement Service Hub - we're saving time and resource, as well as giving our customers more consistent and timely comms - our internal engagement and customer satisfaction scores show that it's better for everyone."
- Doone Morrell, Managing Director

World Solar was struggling to keep their salespeople in the loop of the status of various projects. They didn't know how far along in the customer journey they were, and would be waylaid if their customer contacted them about the project as they couldn't easily see its status. 

The Challenge
  • Is Service Hub just for customer service? This was one of the main questions we had posed to us when World Solar came to us to know what else they might be able to manage better using Service Hub's ticket management in conjunction with HubSpot's powerful workflow capabilities.
  • Our answer was simple enough: you can just use ticket pipelines to manage pretty much any process you want.
  • This client was a bit more "traditional" in the sense that they were using spreadsheets and emails to manage their operations, specifically when it came to managing their new installations
  • Their salespeople who had built a relationship with the customer didn't have clear visibility of the status of the project. Was the timeline being met? What stage was the installation at? Was there anything holding up the project? 
  • As a key point of contact for their customers, salespeople would often be waylaid if their customer contacted them about the project, and they couldn't easily see its status.
  • The project management tool that they did have was more for overseeing ordering of parts and provisioning.
  • The amount of admin and manual updating required was laborious and left a large margin for human error.
  • The client didn't have the appetite to invest in more technology; while they were familiar with the capabilities of Marketing Hub and Sales Hub was still new to them, they hadn't even started to use it - and were reluctant to invest in more, even though a dedicated project management platform would have been the obvious solution for managing it.


The Hype & Dexter Solution
  • Design Service Hub to manage the process of their internal operations across the business and customer satisfaction.
  • Use Service Hub to handle the whole post-sale customer experience using the best in breed ticket management, templates and sequences, as well as automation of tasks, deals, and properties, that HubSpot provides.
  • Implement a ticket management process to provide clear oversight to the number of people and different roles.
  • Replace the disparate processes, spreadsheets, and the huge amount of admin with a clear, automated process with Service Hub.
  • Reduce the stress on staff by creating a streamlined, easy to manage pipeline that is easy to reference, has 9 simple and well-defined stages, and 8 workflows that automatically add date stamps at each stage.
  • Tickets to take advantage of custom properties to surface essential information, so salespeople can get status updates for customers within seconds.

“When we were using a spreadsheet to update the status of an installation, it required so much more admin. There was not only a lack of consistency in what was being recorded, there was a lack of trust in the data which meant we had to be constantly double checking.”
Emma Morrell
Operations Manager

What they have now the solution is in place

From the second a deal hits the stage of Closed Won, the whole process is seamless, with an initial workflow that generates the ticket for installation at the first stage of the Operations ticket pipeline:

Creating tickets in Service Hub

This enters the Operations ticket pipeline which has 9 simple and well-defined stages, and 8 workflows that automatically add date stamps at each stage: 
Operations ticket pipeline

What a beautiful pipeline.


The tickets take advantage of custom properties to surface essential information such as the scheduled installation date, the assigned installer, purchase order numbers, date the invoice was paid and more. While the fact that each ticket can have its deal attached makes referring back to the specifications of the original sale takes just a click.

For World Solar – having used Marketing Hub for a couple of years and more recently migrating from Salesforce to HubSpot's Sales Hub – Service Hub was the last piece of the puzzle. Putting it in place has really given them a complete flywheel approach, and streamlined their sales process like never before.


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