Digital Transformation - Success Story: Unleashed

The Hype and Dexter team did a fantastic job in planning and managing our move to HubSpot. Right from the start they 'got' our requirements to provide funnel transparency for prospects, to measure how effective our content and engagement activities were, and to sync seamlessly with Salesforce. We now have a clear picture of the prospect, lead and customer journey and can measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities at each stage. This means we can conduct experiments, test results, and then move quickly to scale the best activities. The post-migration support from the H&D team has been critical to embed HubSpot within the team and business, set-up our content and engagement strategies, and make the most out of the system as we grow.

David Procter Marketing Manager


The Situation
  • The client had a lack of visibility of their customer journey, and no clear understanding of the paths leads most commonly took to become customers
  • Without transparency of their customer journey it was difficult to track leads through the funnel and understand where they were in the buying cycle
  • The sync between their CRM and marketing automation was one-way. As a result the data was not consistent across the two systems, and there was no single view of the customer
  • The database was hard to maintain and the team could not trust the accuracy of the data and activity timelines
    Communications sent by marketing and sales were not always relevant to the prospect's role and company, or their stage in the buying process
The Solution
  • Full organization journey mapping to identify customer touch points across Sales, Marketing, Service & Finance departments
  • Monthly check-ins and one on one coaching to ensure Marketing & Sales were aligning effectively.
  • 2 month internal adoption roll out plan was created and delivered to ensure new tech stack and processes were adopted
  • HubSpot configuration was implemented to initially take over Marketo BAU workflows and then layer on additional functionality
  • Integration requirements were documented and implemented alongside the selected tech stack (HubSpot Enterprise Marketing, Salesforce CRM, Zendesk)
  • Department requirements were scoped with key stakeholders

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