Digital Transformation – Success Story: Eftpos New Zealand

We’re well on our way to achieving our goals. Hype & Dexter has given us the tools we need to chase down these goals and we wouldn’t have even dreamed of attempting to achieve these without the Hubspot platform setup
The Hype & Dexter Solution
  • Replace a core (but dwindling) source of leads with a predictable and scalable B2B inbound marketing methodology  
  • Enable greater capacity and efficiency in the sales team and bring the team on the journey – ensure full utilisation of new system setup and positive buy-in Ruffle some industry feathers – create ideas and deploy disruptive campaigns to sustain a market-leading position.
  • Bed down an ‘always on’ program of lead engagement. Develop a regular blog, a smart SEO strategy, and achieve cadence with fresh content to keep the Eftpos NZ brand top of mind.
  • Streamline a varied mix of systems and processes – enable greater capacity and satisfaction in the sales team 


Sales Alignment & Enablement
  • From collaboration on setup to managing some initial push back and objections to new ways of doing things, we bedded down the Hubspot Sales Hub in a way that supports the sales team right through the pipeline. 
  • Sales playbooks were developed, easy to use templates designed for emails and followup, automation of deal creation and assignment to team members, and creating a library of copy snippets and workflow sequences. 
  • The team also now enjoy dashboards within Hubspot to track KPIs, deals and customer value and give each other a bit of healthy competition with the new sales leader boards. 
  • In addition, our sales guru and ex Head of GrabOne - Ryan Watkins, was able to provide advice on re-aligning KPIs to better motivate and drive desired behaviours, as well as give ongoing coaching to the sales team. 

Working with teams who are resistant to change is something we do well. It stems from not being afraid of the tough conversations and our values around ‘everyone having a voice’. As an agent of ‘change’ when we enter any business, we need to ensure we’re well versed how to get buy-in for the long term. Not just set up and walk away. New habits come through education and support, shadowing people where necessary to see where the gaps are. 

Success versus absolute failure is all about internal buy-in at a senior level, or a level of someone that will make it happen. This is what we require when we embark on a transformative journey with an organisation. And we do turn people away who can’t promise this, as they just won’t realise the results they’re expecting.

Overcoming the obstacles of an enterprise implementation
  • We like to tell it like it was and changes in systems and processes are generally met by at least some frustration and pushback from sales teams. I mean who in their right mind enjoys adopting a new way of doing things? – even with the promise of mega benefits…!
  • So everyone was grinding their gears with the new setup of Hubspot immediately after we launched. 
  • Anticipating this, we did what always works best and held an open ‘objections’ session. In simple terms:  we created an environment of trust and allowed the team to go-to-town on all of their issues and frustrations. 
  • The feedback was invaluable and we were able to gather it together and made tweaks to the setup to further  accommodate the sales teams’ behaviours and desires.

We’re well on our way to achieving our goals. Hype & Dexter has given us the tools we need to chase down these goals and we wouldn’t have even dreamed of attempting to achieve these without the Hubspot platform setup


Key Revenue & Efficiency Drivers Delivered for Eftpos New Zealand


What’s next for the Eftpos NZ and Hype & Dexter partnership? 
  1. Keep driving quality direct leads to the sales team. 
  2. Continue to devise new content to keep the database active. 
  3. Go for ‘two bites of the cherry’ focussed on building a tool that will re-capitalise on referrals from banks but abide by new legislation…a big bold move. 
  4. Scope a self-onboarding tool, so leads can fulfil an end to end buying journey 100% online. 
  5. Scope a digital auto-renew contract option – an email sent to Eftpos NZ customers where they can roll over a contract without a human required.  
  6. And more…

“We’ve realised a completely new way of doing business. Our remarkable digital setup speaks to Hype & Dexter’s skills in customised tech-dev and e-commerce.”



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