Press Release: Yellow Takes Stake in Hype & Dexter


We're pleased to announce that Yellow has purchased a 25% stake in Hype & Dexter.

It's great news for both parties and we have been working together for some time – with H&D fulfilling marketing automation services for some of Yellow's bigger clients (which includes many of you of course). Through this we have already demonstrated that we work really well together and we look forward to now doing even more.

Yellow CEO Darren Linton said: The partnership positions the two agencies as a powerhouse resource available to SMEs in New Zealand and is the second acquisition for Yellow in 2019, following the purchase of digital app MyTask.

“We’re proud of the change we’ve made to our own business, transforming from a predominantly print to a predominantly digital business, which now accounts for more than 50% of our revenue.

“We’re now in the position to partner with innovative digital companies, such as Hype & Dexter, to extend our offering further.”

Hype & Dexter CEO Ryan Watkins said: “Many businesses aren’t aware of just how strong Yellow’s Google ad campaign services are. Adding a layer of CRM and marketing automation to this is truly bringing a best of breed offering to the SME market that will transform the way they attract and retain customers.

“SMEs are a large market in New Zealand and these businesses can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to their marketing budgets. Our collective experience will benefit SMEs who rely on the expertise of their marketing partners to deliver real results.”

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