Why a 'No Code' Website is a Must-Have in 2022

Why a 'No Code' Website is a Must-Have in 2022

As we all know websites are built with paragraphs of complex code, and can have have a lengthy development time from start to finish. If you’re after a quick and simple website, then you’re in luck – as ‘no code’ websites have emerged as a worthy contender in 2022.

In this blog, we dive into the world of creating websites without having to use any code, why it’s the future of websites, and when to know if it’s the right choice for you.

What is a No-Code Website?

‘No-Code’ websites are super easy to build, deploy and update… why? Because you don’t have to write a single line of code! But ‘no code’ doesn’t mean it’s not made of code. It just means the code is generated as you scroll, click, drag and drop, and create your website using a visual editor. So a ‘no code’ website, you have a fully customisable website at your fingertips that allows you to easily keep it bang up to date – offering your customers an excellent online experience.

6 Reasons Why You Need a ‘No Code’ Website in 2022

1. More Options Than Ever

No code websites are not exactly new - Wix, Squarespace, and even WordPress have offer visual editing without the need to code for a while. But they always seemed like a compromise. Your layout and editing options were fairly limited and, if you wanted to do anything beyond basic banner, image, text, and form layout, you were out of luck - or you'd have to resort to code again.

Now these platforms are incredibly powerful, flexible, and stable (except maybe WordPress). But the one we like best is HubSpot CMS which is a powerful and customisable platform that help your websites put the power back into marketing. It's slick yet simple, and lets you manage websites for businesses of all sizes - with anything from design concepts and wireframes all the way through to custom development.

2. Quick Execution

Clients and customers today want two things: quick execution and an exceptional customer experience. ‘No Code’ websites allow you to deliver projects and results in a fraction of the time it’d take when compared to traditional sites. With a ‘no code’ CMS platform, you can create a website quickly, without having to hand-code each line, and the headache, stress and time it takes to get it live.

3. Cost Effective

Traditional websites bring with them paragraphs of complex codes, which can be time-consuming and expensive to maintain and update. ‘No Code’ websites don’t require any help from highly-skilled developers and streamline the costs of building and maintaining them.

You won’t need to possess a high level of technical skill or the same amount of effort to create a ‘no code’ website, minimising the stress and burden on the business. With time and resources at your disposal, you can optimise and automate your business process and update the website whenever it’s necessary.

4. Flexibility to Build, Maintain and Update

Building websites used to take a long time thanks to your dev team needing to spend ages defining every entity to get the project running. Not to mention the hassle you’d have when you had to update a coded website. Thanks to ‘no code’ websites, you have the flexibility to create, build and update a website with ease. ‘No Code’ websites streamline the website building process from start to finish, allowing your dev team to easily make changes and give your customers a good experience.

5. Accessibility

Stakeholders have all these ideas about what they want the website to look like and it’s up to the IT team to execute their vision. This creates bottlenecks and backlog of work as a result of the back and forth communication, and can become an issue depending on the complexity of the project.

‘No Code’ websites bring together everyone in the business as part of the website development process to prevent the project from being stuck in the backlog - which helps the business save on time, money and resources.

6. Optimises Your Internal Resources

‘No Code’ websites say goodbye to the hefty cost of time, money and resources you’d have to allocate towards building a website. It removes the need for any outsourcing towards an external marketing agency or the hiring of a highly skilled developer to execute the vision of your website. A developer with little to no coding skills can build a website using a ‘no code’ CMS platform, allowing you to allocate your resources towards other areas of your business.


With the long list of website platforms out there, creating one has never been easier. Thanks to their low cost, and near to no coding skills required, ‘no code’ websites are taking the world by storm in 2022.

If you’re after something just slightly more complex, reach out to Hype & Dexter. We’re all about helping businesses transition into the digital age and we have expertise to take your current website to the next level. So get in touch with us today!

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