How Digital Culture Drives Business Transformation

How Digital Culture Drives Business Transformation

A thriving digital culture is at the heart of successful modern businesses. And with the constant innovation of new technology, having a team that’s open to change is a vital aspect of successful digital transformation. Plus, a strong digital culture drives innovation and productivity, allowing businesses to adapt faster and stay ahead of the rising digital technology curve.

In this blog, we talk about the heart and soul of a business. What matters most is your people and the digital culture you create. Keep reading to find out 4 ways digital culture can fuel your business growth.

But first…

What is Digital Culture and why is it important for Digital Transformation?

Digital culture recognises how our growing relationship with technology is sculpting our interactions as humans. The relationship we have with technology changes the speed of our interactions, the ways we communicate and influences how, and where, we work. Increased transparency, innovative systems and bridging the gap between tech-savvy (or not) generations creates hierarchical shifts. It also breaks down barriers.

Whether it's by talking with customers or engaging with business partners, an excellent digital culture encourages employees to look beyond company walls to find new processes and optimisation solutions. Looking outside the company also spreads the responsibility and decision-making process across the whole business, so that your people can take ownership and risks, as well as fail and learn to drive individual and company success.

Embracing all of these aspects of digital culture is vital for successful digital transformation. According to a BCG study of 40 digital transformations, the companies that focused on culture were 5 times more likely to optimise their performance. Additionally, companies that focused on culture achieved 90% success as opposed to a much lower success rate (17%) from those that neglected it.

4 Ways That Digital Culture Drives Digital Transformation

1. Digital Culture Shares Your Business Vision and Purpose

Promoting a culture that shares your business's vision and purpose allows people to see the direction your company is heading to achieve future success. 

By sharing your core company values, as well as short and long term business goals, everyone involved can help to streamline business processes to move your company towards digital success. Encouraging employee feedback is an excellent way to include and embolden people to seek opportunities for business improvement. By coming up with new strategies and initiatives, working together towards a shared goal of success ensures everyone is on the same page.

2. Digital Culture Frees People to Make Powerful Decisions

Making decisions can be stressful - after all, it’s sometimes difficult to know in advance which is the better choice. When your employees start to prioritise project workload effectively, they’ll begin to incubate new ideas for business improvement. Giving employees the opportunity and permission to be more involved in change, empowers your people to make choices that benefit your business.

When your employees feel empowered to contribute towards the decision-making process, a culture of sharing ideas and exploring new opportunities is born. Instilling a culture that embraces and encourages creativity, as well as innovation, propels businesses towards digital transformation success.

After all, as Nick O’Neill our Chief Revenue Officer says, “You have to be able to adapt and change with the business ‘cause that's what transformation is. Technology projects fail nine times out of ten because of human adoption, and the best way to get humans to adopt something is to make the plan, and get them on the journey, and involve them.”

3. Digital Culture Embraces Different, Welcomes External Influence and Listens to Suggestions

You may have the world's latest systems and technology, but if your team doesn’t embrace new changes, you’ll find yourself in a pickle when progressing your company to the next level.

So when you decide to introduce new business technology, make sure to check with the team to find out what the current system lacks. Get input as to what your employees need from their software - after all, they’ll be the ones using it. By keeping an open mind and listening to the people who use the systems daily, you’ll spark new ideas to streamline your business to make everyone’s life easier.

Including the voices of your current digital culture when working with experienced experts, who like Nick “have been through it before” helps to unify digital transformation. “It's not a theoretical thing. We've got the cuts, bumps and bruises from previous experiences with big software, with buying the wrong software. So you know, we bring that in - that experience.”

4. Digital Culture Helps Delegate Your Decision Making Process

Spreading out decision-making across the business encourages a positive working culture and involves everyone in fixing any inefficiencies. While new technology paves the way for digital transformation, finding the right one for your business needs can be a challenge. However, by involving everyone in the decision making, trust is promoted and communication flows into a working culture where everybody’s input is valued.

Adopting new technology is only a fraction of a digital transformation journey - introducing and facilitating new technology is equally as important. Promoting an inclusive culture of trust and value will foster employee loyalty and encourage current and future business success.

At Hype and Dexter, our culture is one of inclusiveness - with limited cognitive bias from the founders and the people who are hiring. Our team are from over 20 different nations and cultural backgrounds. It’s really important that we bring in people with this kind of diversity as it drives innovation through different ways of thinking, and that benefits our clients as well as our culture.

Ready to tee-up that transformation?

So if you’re looking to shoot your business into the digital technology multiverse, call us! We truly live up to the hype and have the power to bring your business into the digital space - and we’re not shy when it comes to going one step ahead, or one step beyond to make it a success. Get in touch with Hype and Dexter today.

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