Hype & Dexter joins the Avidly Group

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Hype & Dexter, the leading APAC HubSpot Solutions Partner has officially signed to join Avidly, 4x HubSpot Global Partner of the Year.

[Auckland, 10/11/23] Hype & Dexter, 4x Winner of HubSpot APAC Partner of the Year and leading digital transformation agency, is joining Avidly, the world's largest HubSpot agency and 4x HubSpot Global Partner of the Year.

Operating out of their offices in Australia and New Zealand, Hype & Dexter will be joining a global team of 300+ creative, martech and HubSpot specialists, specifically as part of the Avidly HubSpot Solutions business unit.

This move will expand Avidly's footprint into the APAC region and follows closely after a series of mergers and acquisitions in the EMEA and NAM regions by the agency, adding to their list of studios which already includes multiple offices in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK and Canada.

Asked why they are making this move to become part of Avidly, Ryan Watkins, Hype & Dexter CEO says,
"Avidly stands out as a leader in the partner space of HubSpot. As a partner in the APAC region, we have ambitions for global service - our CRM clients in particular are demanding it. So, it just makes sense to partner with the largest and the most well-spread partner to allow us to service markets in the US and Europe... As well as the cultural alignment between our two companies."

His counterpart, Jesse Maula, Avidly CEO, says about the deal, "Hype & Dexter is a leader driving change and growth via digital transformation and HubSpot and has a strong track record of innovation. Their products and services are highly complementary to ours, and this acquisition will create a powerful new company that can better serve our customers. We are also excited to welcome the Hype & Dexter team to our company. They are a talented and passionate group who share our vision for the future. We look forward to working with them to create a great company."

Rikki Lear, Avidly HubSpot Solutions Business Unit Leader, adds, "Hype & Dexter bring so many skills to the table when it comes to CRM, system architecture and marketing, so we're really excited for them to join. What's more, I've met the team and they're fantastic people and I'm really looking forward to welcoming them on board - it's an exciting day for Avidly."

Besides establishing a full APAC presence, this acquisition will add strength to an already impressive HubSpot implementation skillset. Hype & Dexter's delivery of the largest-ever CRM migration and HubSpot implementation project (a cornerstone project to HubSpot themselves due to its sheer scale and complexity) was hugely impressive.

Combined with Avidly's existing expertise and scale, the 4x Global Partner of the Year will now have the ability to deliver these kinds of projects more regularly for Hubspot customers.

John-Matias Uuttana, chairman of Avidly's Board of Directors adds, "Over the past couple of years, we have successfully integrated a handful of key partners from within the Martech space and HubSpot ecosystem. Hype & Dexter not only share our values, culture and vision for helping customers but are also perfectly placed in the APAC region - both literally and figuratively - to accelerate our shared global growth aims."

With this acquisition, Avidly is not only expanding its already industry-leading scale and expertise but will now be able to better serve APAC region customers both culturally and geographically.

You can find out more about the agency's services and career vacancies on their website at avidlyagency.com.

Who is Avidly?

Avidly is a growth design company that brings innovative technological platforms like HubSpot and captivating design solutions together to create compelling digital marketing and sales.

Avidly HubSpot Solutions specialises in the full HubSpot package. This includes strategic planning and delivery of HubSpot-based inbound marketing, sales enablement, CRM management, websites, integrations and migrations. With a focus on expert knowledge and delivery, Avidly has been named HubSpot Global Partner of the Year in 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019.

More info: https://www.avidlyagency.com/about-us

Who is Hype & Dexter?

Hype & Dexter is a digital transformation agency, dedicated to building the foundations that set businesses up to streamline processes, scale efficiently and realise revenue. As HubSpot's 4-time Partner of the Year for the Asia-Pacific region, Hype & Dexter's breadth of knowledge and experience working with CRM implementation is significant, and they have proven their ability to leverage technology in helping businesses realize their potential.

Contact information
If you would like more information on Hype & Dexter joining Avidly or media to support the release contact:

Marketing: Alex Mackrill | alex.mackrill@hypeanddexter.com
CEO: Ryan Watkins | ryan.watkins@hypeanddexter.com


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