4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Adopt a VoIP Phone System

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Adopt a VoIP Phone System

Cloud-based software should be at the heart of every business’ customer engagement strategy, as it allows them to engage with customers in a timely, personalised and cost-effective manner. Digital transformation is happening at a rapid pace and businesses should be responding to this change by adopting a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system that helps them become more efficient and effective.

In this blog, we take a look at what a VoIP solution is, 4 reasons you need it, and the impact it will have on your sales team and your entire business.

What is a VoIP Solution?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) sends out voice signals from an IP-based network, such as your Wi-Fi and LAN, to other networks. The analog voice signals (which are used in standard headsets) get transformed into digital bits of information and sent off as packets through your network.

VoIPs are easily accessible via a VoIP-based phone system and you can even use an app on your smartphone or computer to make or receive calls. A VoIP phone system comes equipped with VoIP adaptors that convert analog voice waves into digital signals which are dispersed through your Wi-Fi router and to your VoIP provider. Your VoIP providers’ servers take care of the rest, routing calls to the right audience so that your intended message is delivered.

Most VoIP solutions are capable of integrating with your CRM, so you can have a better visualisation of your customer journey from start to finish. Accessing the data is as simple as clicking a few times, and you have a full picture of all the touchpoints and engagements with the customer. By having all the data and information about your prospect at your hand, your sales and support teams can have the confidence to know exactly who they are talking to and successfully close the deal.

4 Reasons Why You Need a VoIP Phone Solution

1. Reduced Calling Costs

With 90% of contact centres switching to the cloud for financial flexibility, it’s fair to say that most businesses opt for a VoIP solution to cut down their communication costs. VoIP systems are far cheaper to run as it uses your internet connection to make and receive calls. Instead of having to fork out a massive landline connection on top of your internet, VoIPs operate on a monthly or annual subscription and are typically much lower in price, allowing you to spend your money elsewhere in your business.

2. Call Monitoring & Analytics

VoIP solutions let you listen in on live calls to be able to give your sales and support reps immediate support to get the customers over the line. With call recording, you have access to call data to check if your sales team are following their scripts and to offer coaching support and constructive feedback for future calls. Call monitoring tracks the average call length, missed call rate, wait time and much more, and these metrics let you analyse and make improvements to your sales return. Through these analytics, you can draw insight into your sales team performance and check if they’re on track to reaching their key performance indicators (KPIs).

3. Flexible Remote Access

With the pandemic changing the way we work, VoIP solutions embrace this change by allowing your sales and support teams to access the software from multiple devices wherever they are. Working from home can be demanding, but with a VoIP solution, you can still make and receive calls from your prospects and leads or provide customer support - just as long as you have a stable internet connection.

4. High Call Quality

Say goodbye to muffled voices and distorted tones from conventional phone systems as VoIPs boast a far superior voice quality. Thanks to your Wi-Fi network’s high-speed connection, you’ll get close to no external noise interference and lag and latency-free calls. So you don't need to break a sweat about a call dropping halfway through while you’re pitching to a customer or solving their problem.

Why Have We Joined Aircall’s Partner Program?

Aircall Brand Image

We’re a HubSpot agency, so their robust integration Aircall has with HubSpot made it impossible for us to pass up on this solution. Aircall had the aim to have the most integrated VoIP solution out there, and was built to make phone support transparent, accessible, collaborative and easy to manage. With everyone nowadays wanting a streamlined solution and a single view of all their data - they wanted to be a part of the story.

Aircall’s solution has a range of different features on offer, so they’ll be able to tailor it to your needs, and help you build a good relationship with your audience through the provision of a memorable customer experience. We caught up with our Aircall rep, Chantelle Elliott, on what they do better than other VoIP phone solutions and here’s her take on it:

“Our extensive reporting sets us apart from our competitors, as we collect every single data point in real-time and break it down into why it’s happening. The different data points provide good intel for a business to understand and improve certain areas without doing anything differently, apart from picking up the phone.”

With the data being easy to digest and analyse, we can use it to find out when is the best time to make calls, and when you can be carrying out administrative tasks. Using this information, businesses can pivot on how to maximise the potential of the business, their productivity and most importantly, their sales conversion.

A VoIP phone system can transform your business to a whole new level, with efficiency, flexibility and by delivering a stunning sales solution and customer experience for your audience. So if you’re on the hunt for a VoIP solution, Aircall lets you try before you buy with a 7-day free trial. The times are changing and we suggest you do too!

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